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Douglas N. Arnold

McKnight Presidential Professor of Mathematics
School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota

I am a mathematician and an educator. My research mostly concerns numerical analysis, partial differential equations, mechanics, and the interplay between these fields. Much of my recent effort has been directed toward the development of the finite element exterior calculus. In 2009 and 2010 I served as president of SIAM, the largest applied mathematics and computational science professional organization in the world. From 2001 to 2008 I directed the IMA, the world's leading interdisciplinary mathematical research institute.

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Selected research publications (complete list available here)
NEW! Complexes from complexes   2020
       The Hellan-Herrmann-Johnson method with curved elements   2019
             • Supplementary Material
       Finite Element Exterior Calculus   2018
       Localization of eigenfunctions via an effective potential   2017
       Computing spectra without solving eigenvalue problems   2017
       Finite element exterior calculus for parabolic problems   2017
       Finite element exterior calculus with lower-order terms   2016
       Effective confining potential of quantum states in disordered media   2016
       Finite element differential forms on curvilinear cubic meshes and their approximation properties   2015
       Mixed methods for elastodynamics with weak symmetry   2014
       Finite element differential forms on cubical meshes   2014
       On the consistency of the combinatorial codifferential   2014
       Finite element exterior calculus: from Hodge theory to numerical stability   2010
Finite element exterior calculus, homological techniques and applications   2006
     “Any young (or not so young) mathematician who spends the time to master this paper
      will have tools that will be useful for his or her entire career.”
— Math Reviews
Differential complexes and numerical stability   2002
Unified analysis of discontinuous Galerkin methods for elliptic problems   2002
Mixed finite elements for elasticity   2002
Multigrid in H(div) and H(curl)   2000
A uniformly accurate finite element method for the Reissner-Mindlin plate   1989
A stable finite element for the Stokes equations   1984
An interior penalty finite element method with discontinuous elements   1982

Updated July 25, 2020