Sarah Brauner

Sarah Brauner

This is me, in front of a math-bug— but it is not my math-bug! If it is yours, I would love to hear from you.

About me: I am a third year graduate student and PhD candidate in Mathematics at the University of Minnesota. My advisor is Vic Reiner. I did my undergrad at Reed College. After that, I spent a year at Smith College's Post-Baccalaureate Program for women in mathematics.

I am currently supported by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program. Before that, I was supported by a three-year UMN College of Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship.

Research: I study algebraic combinatorics and representation theory. Specifically, I am interested in the combinatorics and representation theory of (complex) reflection groups. See my research page for more details.

Contact: Email me at braun622 "at" You can also find me at Vincent Hall, office 556.


  • I am co-organizing Mathematics Project at Minnesota 2020, a four-day workshop in January for UMN undergraduates that come from groups traditionally underrepresented in mathematics.
  • I am co-organizing the Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference on April 23-25, 2021 at UMN. Check back for details.
  • I co-run Math Club with Montie Avery. We are always interested in finding speakers to give talks that are accessible to undergraduates!
  • I am a founding member of CAUSE (Council for the Advancement of Underrepresented Scietists and Engineers). We host events for underrepresented minority graduate students and post-docs throughout the semester. Email to sign up for our mailing list!
  • In 2018-2019 I co-organized the Student Combinatorics and Algebra Seminar with Esther Banaian. The 2019-2020 website can be found here.
  • Upcoming Travel & Conferences:

  • January 2020: Co-organizing the Mathematics Project at Minnesota at University of Minnesota
  • March 2020: Speaking at the Reed College Mathematics Colloquium
  • May 2020: Attending OPAC 2020 at University of Minnesota
  • April 2021: Co-organizing the Graduate Student Combinatorics Conference at University of Minnesota
  • Recent Past Travel & Conferences:

  • September 2019: Speaking at the AMS Fall Sectional meeting in Madison, WI at a special session on Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry
  • September 2019: Attending Algecom XIV at Washington University in St Louis
  • July 2019: Presenting a poster at FPSAC in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • May 2019: Presenting a poster at Algecom XVII at Loyola University Chicago
  • In April 2019 I spoke at the AMS Sectional Meeting at University of Connecticut in Hartford, CT at the special session on Chip-firing and Divisor Theory.
  • Also in April 2019, I spoke at the CAGE Seminar in Philadephia, PA. and at Smith College Mathematics Colloqium in Northampton, MA.
  • In October 2018, I spoke at the AMS Sectional Meeting at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI at the special session on Combinatorics in Algebra and Algebraic Geometry.
  • In July/August 2018, I taught a course in logical reason through BEAM (Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics) in New York City.
  • In June/July 2018, I attended FPSAC at Dartmouth and a Summer School on Lie Theory at UGA in Athens, GA.
  • In April 2018, I spoke at USTARS (Underrepresented Students in Topoloy and Algebra Research Symposium) at Reed College in Portland, OR.