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Craig Corsi
Office: Vincent Hall 559
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Research Interests

I am a third-year graduate student working with Peter Webb. I study the representation theory of finite-dimensional algebras, with a particular interest in the actions of reflection groups on vector spaces over finite fields.


I organize a Representation Theory Seminar each summer. Our speakers are graduate students, postdoctoral students, and faculty, usually from the University of Minnesota. Some talks are on introductory / expository / classical material, and other talks are on recent research.

Current Teaching

Fall 2017 MATH 1031 (College Algebra and Probability) -- lecturer for section 010
All course materials are on Moodle.

Past Teaching

Spring 2017: MATH 3283W (Sequences, Series, and Foundations)
Fall 2016: MATH 3283W (Sequences, Series, and Foundations)
Spring 2016: MATH 5243 (Cryptology and Number Theory)- grader and guest lecturer
Fall 2015: MATH 2243 (CLA Differential Equations and Linear Algebra)
Spring 2015: MATH 2373 (CSE Differential Equations and Linear Algebra)
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