Chuan Xue

Associate Professor of Mathematics
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Contact Info

School of Mathematics
127 Vincent Hall
206 Church St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA

Office: Vincent Hall 539
Phone: 612-625-3570

Education and Employment

BS in Computational Mathematics, Peking University, 2003
PhD in Mathematics, University of Minnesota, 2008
Postdoc, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University, 2008-2011
Assistant and Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, Ohio State University, 2011-2020
Associate Director, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, Ohio State University, 2019-2020
Associate Professor, School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota, 2020-now

Research Interests

Mathematical Biology, Applied Mathematics

Group and opportunities

We are a group of researchers who are interested in discovering the underlying principles of life, using mathematics, in collaboration with several experimental labs. Our recent main focus is to develop new mathematical models and methods to address questions arising from cell biology and neuroscience. We always welcome highly motivated postdocs, graduate students and undergraduate students to join us. If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how we have fun, please feel free to contact me by email. Our research has been continuously supported by NSF and other sources since 2013.

Important Links

Mathematical Biology Reading Group (new)
The Cold Place Mathematical Biology Seminar (new)

Selected publications

Multiscale phenomena and patterns in biological systems: special issue in honour of Hans Othmer, Journal of Mathematical Biology, 2020

W. Hao and C. Xue. Spatial pattern formation in reaction-diffusion models: a computational approach, Journal of Mathematical Biology, 2020.

X. Lai, A. Brown, and C. Xue. A stochastic model that explains axonal organelle pileups induced by a reduction of molecular motors. J Royal Soc. Interface, 2018.

X. Xue, C. Xue, and M. Tang. The role of intracellular signaling in the stripe formation in engineered E. coli populations. PLoS Comp. Biol., 2018.

C. Xue. Bacterial chemotaxis: a classic example of multiscale modeling in biology, Cell Movement: Modeling and Applications, Springer, 2018.

C. Xue and G. Jameson. Recent mathematical models of axonal transport. Stochastic Processes, Multiscale Modeling, and Numerical Methods for Computational Cellular Biology. Springer, Cham, 2017. 265-285.

C. Xue and X. Yang. Moment-flux models for bacterial chemotaxis in large signal gradients, Journal of Mathematical Biology, Volume 73, Issue 4, pp 977-1000, 2016.

C. Xue, B. Shtylla, and A. Brown. A Stochastic Multiscale Model that Explains the Segregation of Axonal Microtubules and Neurofilaments in Neurological Diseases, PLoS Computational Biology, 2015.

C. Xue. Macroscopic equations for bacterial chemotaxis: integration of detailed biochemistry of cell signaling, Journal of Mathematical Biology, Volume 70, Issue 1-2, pp 1-44, 2015.

A. Friedman, B. Hu, and C. Xue. On a multiphase multicomponent model of biofilm growth, Arch. Ration. Mech. Anal., 211(1): 257-300, 2014.

C. Xue, E. Budrene-Kac, and H. G. Othmer. Radial and spiral streams in Proteus mirabilis colonies, PLoS Comput Biol 7(12): e1002332, 2011.

A. Friedman, B. Hu, and C. Xue. Analysis of a mathematical model of ischemic cutaneous wounds, SIAM J. Math. Anal., Vol 42, Issue 5, pp. 2013-2040, 2010.

C. Xue, A. Friedman, and C. K. Sen. A mathematical model of ischemic cutaneous wounds, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, Vol. 106, No. 39, pp. 16782-16787, 2009.

C. Xue and H. G. Othmer. Multiscale models of taxis-driven patterning in bacterial populations, SIAM J. Appl. Math., Vol. 70, No. 1, pp. 133-167, 2009.

Other publications please see my Google Scholar page.

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Awards and recognizations

Jiang Zehan Scholarship, Peking University, 2002
NSF Career Award, 2016
PECASE Award, 2019


"Mathematics is biology's next microscope, only better; biology is mathematics' next physics, only better" --- Joel E. Cohen

"All models are wrong, but some are useful" --- George Box

Fun photos

Family UMN Proud, 2020
Happy sister and brother, 2019
My cub scout found a skunk with his friend, 2019
Pumpkin competition in Circleville, Ohio, 2019

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