Collaboration with Jaigyoung September 16 -- 20, 2006

Notes on napkin at Espresso Royale
Bob at blackboard
Bob still at blackboard
Bob writing in Vin 452
Bob & Jaigyoung obscuring Math Department
Bob & Jaigyoung & Math Department
blackboard in Vin 452
Bob at blackboard again

** Thanks ** to Jaigyoung Choe.

Leon Simon's conference, September 15-18, 2005

Leon with Bob Hardt
Joel Spruck
A happy conferee
** Thanks ** to Bruce Solomon.

Visit to Seoul National University, January 5 - 19, 2004

Geonjongjung: the king's audience hall
Geonhiro: Jaigyoung and Bob at the reception pavilion
King's tea house
** Thanks ** to Jaigyoung Choe.

BIRS Workshop on Perspectives on Differential Geometry
Banff, Alberta July 12-17, 2003

The whole group. Their names.
Jaigyoung and Bob hiking along the Bow River
Jaigyoung, Sumio and Bob on Tunnel Mountain
Rick and a few friends at Lake Louise
Peter Topping, Sumio Yamada, Chepe Escobar, Bob and Jaigyoung Choe at Sulphur Mountain
Bob at Sulphur Mountain
Panoramic view from Sulphur Mountain
Another panoramic view from Sulphur Mountain
** Thanks ** to Jaigyoung Choe.
Bob on Tunnel Mountain
Weiyang Qiu, Lei Ni, Bob and Xiaodong Wang on Tunnel Mountain
** Thanks ** to Xiaodong Wang.

Workshop on Geometric Evolution Equations, NCTS, Taiwan
15 July--10 August, 2002

Birthday at NCTS

L-R: Jon Wolfson, Miles Simon, Jiaping Wang, Bob, Mu-Tao Wang, Lei Ni, Ben Chow, Huai-Dong Cao, Peng Lu

Ceramics at National Palace Museum, Taipei

Dragon boat
The fish dish that got away

Taipei Dumpling Restaurant

Cute people having a good time
Dumplings are good

** Thanks ** to Lei Ni.

Mercedes example: nonstandard embedding, but one linear function looks standard.

(att: Sumio Yamada)

2Theta example: nonstandard embedding, but one linear function looks standard.

(att: Sumio Yamada)

Exposition paper

(att: Sumio Yamada)

Figure for "The use of geometric tools in the boundary
control of partial differential equations", with Walter Littman.

(att: Roberto Triggiani)

Figure for IMA proceedings paper

(att: Roberto Triggiani)

Images of the Frohman girls:

Jananne's college graduation:

Graduation 1
Graduation 2
Graduation 3

Jennifer's Modeling shots as a bride:

a happy shot
a serious shot

Familie Sudmann

Anja, Isabelle & Michael

Familie Bonitz

The Gulliver Family

Mom's 88th birthday

32 photos from Rachel's Memorial Service August 15, 2005
** Thanks ** to George Dunne

John, Karen, Djuna, Teigan and Hallon on Easter Island:

Gullivers and Moai
Fifteen Moai
Gullivers and squatting Moai
Gullivers and three Moai
Seven Moai looking towards sea

GHS Reunion 24 September 2006:

Nick, Jim, Janet & Stu
Bruce Dalrymple, Janet & Jim Martois
Carol & John Kulluck, Cindy Wall, Stuart Horn
Cindy & Dave Wall
Danny & Nick
Eiko with Patti Sasahara
Gary Galiger, Jerry & Linda Beck
Lana & Mike Marsh, Linda & Jerry Beck
Lana (Jacks) & Steve
Lana M. & Mike
Linda & Jerry
Linda, Karin & Sumiko
Mitch Ebright
Mitch, Nancy & Karin