Math 8300: Topics in Algebra (Spring 2019)


  • Dr. Dihua Jiang
  • Office: VinH 224, Telephone: 625--7532, E-mail:


  • Lecture: 1:25--2:15pm, MWF VH 301 (Office Hours: by appointment)

    Course Description:

    This is a one semester course for Representation Theory and Harmonic Analysis.
    We will be focused on the theory for SL(2), although more general theory will
    mentioned with references.

    Part (I) Algebras and Representations
    Chapter 4 of the book by R. Goodman and N. Wallach with title:
    Symmetry, Representations and Invariants. Springer GTM 255, 2009.

    Part (II) Non-Abelian Harmonic Analysis--applications of SL(2,R)
    from the book by R. Howe and E.C. Tan, Springer Universitext 1992

    Part (III) Explicit Realization/Models of Representations of SL(2)
    from I. M. Gelfand book on Generalized Functions Vol 5: Chapter 3 and 7; and Vol 6: Chapter 2,
    depending on the course progress.

    Homework and Exams:

    Homework Problems will be assigned, but no exams are required. Students may give reports to the class.