Jay Yang

Math 5385

Course Time: MW, 2:30-3:45
Course Location: Amundson 156
Office: Vincent 204
Office Hours: Monday 10:30-12:00 and Tuesday 10:30-12:00
Email: jkyang@umn.edu


Project Information

Project Information
Draft Rubric (Due March 27)
Feedback Rubric (Due April 3)
Final Paper Rubric (Due May 6)
Presentation Feedback Rubric
Presentaion Rurbic


Mathematical Presentation

Halmos on Writing
Kleiman on Writing
Halmos on Speaking

Latex Editors

Macaulay 2

Macaulay 2 website
Macaulay 2 tutorial and web interface
Cocalc (You can use Macaulay 2 here as well)
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