Park Jun-Yong (朴俊勇)

Mailing Address:
School of Mathematics
University of Minnesota
127 Vincent Hall
206 Church St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Office: 454 Vincent Hall

Email: junepark at math dot umn dot edu


About me

I'm a doctoral student in pure mathematics at the University of Minnesota advised by Craig Westerland.

My interest lies in the differential geometry of smooth 4-manifolds from both complex geometric and symplectic topological viewpoints and the algebraic geometry of moduli for fibrations such as elliptic surfaces and fibered surfaces of general type.

I am working to find connections to the number theory by producing arithmetic invariants of the moduli that could be passed through global fields analogy rendering number theoretic heuristics.

Here are my profiles on Google Scholar and MathSciNet.


  • Math 2263, Multivariable Calculus, Spring 2017
  • Publications and Preprints

      • Lantern substitution and new symplectic 4-manifolds with \({b_{2}}^{+} = 3\) (with Anar Akhmedov)
        Mathematical Research Letters, Vol. 21, No. 1, 1-17, (2014).
      • < Preprint, Journal >

      • Unique fiber sum decomposability of genus 2 Lefschetz fibrations
        Topology and its Applications, Vol. 222, 29-52, (2017).
      • < Preprint, Journal >

      • Topology & Arithmetic of moduli space for elliptic Lefschetz fibrations
      • < Preprint, submitted >

      • Moduli of fibered surfaces of general type and heuristics for counting hyperelliptic curves over global fields
      • (with Kenny Ascher and Dori Bejleri)
        < work in progress >



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