Shelley B. Kandola

University of Minnesota

Doctoral Candidate, Mathematics


I graduated from St. Lawrence University in Spring 2013, whereat I double majored in computer science and mathematics. Undecided between pursuing mathematics or computer science in graduate school, my interests often fall in an intersection of the two. Past such hobbies inclue Homotopy Type Theory and Topological Data Analysis. My current research is in digital topology and topological complexity, advised by Craig Westerland at the University of Minnesota. I intend to graduate Spring 2019.

I am also interested in Topological Data Analysis (TDA). I participated in TGDA@OSU in Summer 2016, and this past summer I attended Applied Topology in Bȩdlewo.


Over the past four years, I've taken a love to teaching Pre-Calculus II, which focuses primarily on learning and working with trigonometry. Despite being an unpopular subject among beginning math students, I think pre-calc is the best time to show college students that taking math courses does not need to be a scary experience; in fact, it can be fun and creative. Recently, I've been a Lecturer and a TA for the hybrid-style Pre-Calc II course, which offers a more intuitive, hands-on introduction to trig.

*Instructor role