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Undergraduate Research

I have mentored undergraduate research for three students. They have received funding through the University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and North Star STEM Alliance (The Minnesota Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation). I have also helped organize undergraduate research in mathematics at the UMN.

Click here to find ways of getting involved in undergraduate research at the UMN.

Click here to find a list of math graduate students willing to mentor undergraduates in research.

Click here for information about the Undergraduate Math Research Seminar.

Women in Math

While at the UMN, I spent 2 years working as the graduate student coordinator for Women in Math (here).

I have also worked hard to develop the Mathematics Project at Minnesota (MPM) -- a 4-day workshop for undergraduate women majoring in math. Click here to find out more about MPM. This year we are extending MPM to include all underrepresented students.

MPM 2019

MPM 2018

Other Fun Things!

my department: UMN Mathematics

my advisor: Paul Garrett

my husband: Shay Allen Logan

my gurlz: Women in Math at UMN

I have a secret talent for making flyers that I am shamelessly proud of. Evidence of this can be found by clicking the following links: Prelim Bee 2017, Prelim Bee 2016, HalloWeierstrass 2016

with Paul Garrett and Alex "Trebek" Gutierrez in full "PG attire"