About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota, and my advisor is Jasmine Foo. I am also a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. I am currently in my last year of the Ph.D. program, and will be graduating this spring. I earned my B.S. from California State University Channel Islands in 2012, with a double major in mathematics and applied physics and a minor in computer science.

My research interests are in applied mathematics. More specifically, I enjoy studying mathematical biology and the evolutionary dynamics of cancer. I use stochastic processes and modeling to understand cancer growth and progression, as well as the emergence and development of drug resistance.

When I'm not teaching or working on my own research, I can usually be found outdoors. Since I grew up in Los Angeles, I love playing in the snow during real Minnesota winters. In the summer, I enjoy kayaking in Minnesota's many lakes and rivers. I also have a passion for photography.