Liran Rotem

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I am a Dunham Jackson Assistant Professor (i.e. a postdoc) at the University of Minnesota, School of Mathematics. I spent the Fall semester of 2017 at MSRI as a Della Pietra postdoctoral fellow.

Before Minnesota I was a PhD student in Tel-Aviv University, and an Adams fellow. My PhD dissertation is titled "Analytic and Algebraic Aspects of Convexity", and was written under the supervision of Prof. Vitali Milman.

I am mainly interested in convex geometry, asymtpotic geometric analysis, and related problems in probability, analysis and geometry. For more information, you may consult my publication list, or download my publication list and my CV as a PDF file.

An accessible description of one of my research projects, written for a broad audience, can be found here (written for Snapshots of modern mathematics from Oberwolfach, but still unpublished). I am currently working on a small Python package for computations involving convex bodies. If you want to test a preliminary version, you can download it here.