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About my webpage

This page is created and maintained by Vishal Saraswat.

These pages in are conformance[1] with the W3C standards for accessibility and interoperability. These pages should look pretty good not just in the usual graphical browsers, but also in text-based browsers, on PDAs, cell phones, aural browsers for the blind, et cetera. (If it doesn't, email me and tell me about it.) You can validate my main page or read about the "Viewable with Any Browser" campaign by clicking on the buttons below:

Valid HTML 4.01! Valid CSS! Viewable with any browser!

In designing this site, I have lifted ideas from Dan Drake's webpage, and probably others that I can't think of at the moment. Most of the tips on HTML and CSS are from the Web Design Group.

These pages are written exclusively with the text editor .

The photo albums have been created with my customized templates using Picasa. [1] The photo albums make use of the EMBED tag which is not in conformance with the W3C standards but has a better support than the recommended OBJECT tag.