Tyler Maunu's homepage
I am a fifth year PhD student in the School of Mathematics
at the University of Minnesota. My current research interests
span statistics, machine learning, computer vision, and
nonconvex optimization. I have specifically focused on the
problem of robust subspace recovery.


Gilad Lerman and Tyler Maunu, An Overview of Robust Subspace Recovery, (2018).

Tyler Maunu, Teng Zhang, and Gilad Lerman, A Well-Tempered Landscape for Non-convex Robust Subspace Recovery, (2017).

Gilad Lerman and Tyler Maunu, Fast, Robust and Non-convex Subspace Recovery, (2016).


Fall 2013 - MATH 1271 - Calculus I

Spring 2014 - MATH 1031 - College Algebra

Fall 2014 - MATH 1371 - CSE Calculus I



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