An abbreviated CV is included below. A pdf of my complete CV is available here.

Current Position

  • MathCEP Assistant Professor (Teaching Postdoc)
    University of Minnesota
    Mathematics Department


  • University of California-Los Angeles
    September 2011-June 2016
    Ph.D. in Mathematics
    Advisor: Christian Haesemeyer
    Committee: Eric D'Hoker, Alexander Merkurjev, Burt Totaro
    Thesis: Sums-of-Squares Formulas over Arbitrary Fields

  • University of Chicago
    September 2007-December 2010
    B.A. in Mathematics
    Graduated with honors in Mathematics, and general honors.

Awards and Honors

  • 2018 AMS Award for Exemplary Program or Achievement in a Mathematics Department
    Awarded to MathCEP for its outreach programs.

  • MAA Project NExT Fellow
    2017 Cohort
    Professional development for recent Ph.D.s in mathematics.

  • 2015 Departmental Teaching Award
    Award given to Teaching Assistants in the math department with excellent teaching records.

  • Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship
    Fellowship awarded to students interested in a career in university teaching and research, with a goal of supporting groups that are underrepresented in graduate education.

  • RTG Algebra and Number Theory Fellow
    The Research Training Groups grant from the National Science Foundation funds graduate students who study algebra, algebraic geometry, number theory, and related fields.

Teaching Experience

Research Experience and Undergraduate Research

Other Publications

  • Multivariable Calculus
    In progress
    An interactive online textbook for UMTYMP Calculus III. The partial draft can be found here.

  • Math-Expressions Library
    I've contributed to the math-expressions library, a JavaScript library for parsing mathematical expressions and performing operations on them. My contributions have included implementing multivariable polynomial operations using Grobner bases.
    The library can be found here.

  • "Secret Sharing," Adventures in Mathematics
    To appear
    I contributed a chapter on secret sharing to an enrichment book with activities for middle and high school students.

Outreach, Presentations, Conferences, and Other Activities

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