MATH 2373
IT Linear algebra and differential equations
Spring 2009
Mosher's Lecture 020 slides, M-files, and podcasts

WeekDayDateSlidesM-files, etc.Podcasts
1 W 1/21(.pdf)(.m)Podcast 1
2 M 1/26(.pdf)Podcast 2
2 W 1/28(.pdf)Podcast 3
3 M 2/2(sub)Podcast 4
3 W 2/4(sub)
4 M 2/9(sub)
4 W 2/11(.pdf)
5 M 2/16(.pdf)
5 W 2/18(.pdf)
6 M 2/23(.pdf)
6 W 2/25(.pdf)
7 M 3/2(.pdf)
7 W 3/4(.pdf)
8 M 3/9(.pdf)
8 W 3/11(.pdf)
9 M 3/23(.pdf)
9 W 3/25(.pdf)
10 M 3/30(.pdf)
10 W 4/1(.pdf)
11 M 4/6(.pdf)
11 W 4/8(.pdf)
12 M 4/13(.pdf)
12 W 4/15(.pdf)
13 M 4/20(.pdf)CA Link*
13 W 4/22(.pdf)
14 M 4/27(.pdf)
14 W 4/29(.pdf)
15 M 5/4(.pdf)
15 W 5/6(.pdf)

CA Link*: Java applet for experimenting with cellular automata
M-files can be saved as text files and opened and evaluated by MATLAB.
Podcasts are on this UThink blog site and are in MPEG-4 audio format.
Registered students can also subscribe to these podcasts using the private U of M iTunes U site (login required).
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