MATH 3283W
Sequences, Series, and Foundations
Spring 2016

Lecturer: Bryan Mosher
Syllabus: (pdf)
class meetingoffice houroffice in VinHemail address at umn
LecturerBryan MosherMWF 9:05, AndH 270MWF 10:10116mosher
TA 011Brittany BakerTuTh 9:05, VinH 211Tu 1:25-3:20557bake0573
TA 012Heidi GoodsonTuTh 9:05, VinH 113TuW 3:35-4:25370goods052
TA 013Dallas AlbrittonTuTh 9:05, VinH 311MW 4:40-5:30559albri050
TA 014Vahan HuroyanTuTh 10:10, AkerH 327W 11:15-1:10557huroy002
TA 015Ben StrasserTuTh 10:10, AkerH 317Tu 11:15-1:10524stras087
TA 016Emily GunawanTuTh 10:10, VinH 311W 1:25-3:20370egunawan
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