MATH 3283W
Sequences, Series, and Foundations
Fall 2018

Lecturer: Bryan Mosher
Final Exam:
Tuesday 18 December 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
10:10 discussions: Anderson 270
11:15 discussions: Anderson 310

Review Sessions:
Th 13 Dec 12-1 (Pinharry) in Vincent 313
Fr 14 Dec 10-11 (Kelley), 1-2 (Banaian), 2-3 (Coopergard) in Vincent 311
Mo 17 Dec 12-1 (Chain), 1-2 (Mosher) in Vincent 313
Course Moodle site
class meetingoffice houroffice in VinHemail address at umn
LecturerBryan MosherMWF 11:15, AndH 270W 12:20-1:10, 3:35-4:25;
Th 9:05-9:55
TA 011Elizabeth KelleyTuTh 10:10, AkerH 327Tu 8-9:55526kell1642
TA 012Esther BanaianTuTh 10:10, VinH 311Tu 11:15-1:10550banai003
TA 013Carter ChainTuTh 11:15, LindH 229MW 1:25-2:15522chain011
TA 014Michelle PinharryTuTh 11:15, VinH 311MW 2:30-3:20520pinha002
TA 015Ryan CoopergardTuTh 11:15, FordH B80MW 9:05-9:55526coope786

Note: Carter's Wed 12 Dec 1:25 office hour will be held instead by Elizabeth at 2:30 on that day.
Office hours will be held through Thursday 13 December.
TAs' office hours are open to students from any section.
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