Mentoring underrepresented groups in mathematics is crucial and personal to me. The June before I started college, I received an invitation to participate in the Grinnell Science Project (GSP), a week-long pre-orientation program which gives minority, first-generation, and female students an opportunity to explore the sciences at Grinnell College before classes begin. I attribute my current success to my participation in GSP and other similar programs, and strive to provide these types of opportunities for students from underrepresented groups in mathematics.

Mathematics Project at Minnesota

Co-founder and co-director (April 2017 - curent)

An annual four day workshop designed to increase participation of undergraduate women and people of color interested in math. Inaugural group pictured above!

SIAM Student Chapter

President (AY16), Vice Pres. (AY17), Treasurer (AY15), Deputy Treas. (AY14)

The SIAM Student Chapter at UMN coordinates outreach activites so that our members can share their excitement about math with undergraduates and the general public.


Interactions with the Local Community