Research Interests

McGehee students past and present attending the 2018 Midwest Dynamical Systems Conference

I'm interested in applied dynamical systems, especially with regard to applications in ecology and climate. My thesis advisor is Richard McGehee and my thesis work addresses mathematical challenges in adapting conceptual climate models to other planets. In particular, I consider the role of sunlight distribution across a planet's surface. My research statement goes into more details of my research interests.

In the academic year of 2016-2017, I had and Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship at the Institute on the Environment to study the effect of peatland growth since the Last Glacial Maximum on atmospheric carbon dioxide. Althought the growth of peatlands after glacial retreat is well understood, how this growth affected the global carbon cycle, especially the carbon in the atmosphere, is not known. I am developing a new data analysis algorithm to illustrate this interaction between the peatlands and the cabon cycle.