UMN Combinatorics & Commutative Algebra Seminar: Fall 2020

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Other Commutative Algebra Seminars

Date Speaker Affiliation Title
Sep 11 Sam Hopkins UMN Order Polynomial Product Formulas and Poset Dynamics
Sep 18 Yifeng Huang Michigan Betti Numbers of Unordered Configuration Spaces of a Punctured Torus
Sep 25 Bruce Sagan Michigan State On a Rank-Unimodality Conjecture of Morier-Genoud and Ovsienko
Oct 2 Jay Yang UMN Random Flag Complexes and Torsion in Syzygies of Random Monomial Ideals
Oct 9 Sarah Brauner UMN Eulerian Representations for Coincidental Reflection Groups
Oct 16 Ayah Almousa Cornell Polarizations of Powers of Graded Maximal Ideals
Oct 23 John Machacek Hampden-Sydney Posets, Cones, and Toric Varieties
Oct 30 Monica Lewis Michigan The Closed Support Problem Over a Complete Intersection Ring
Nov 6 Anna Weigandt Michigan Gröbner Geometry of Schubert Polynomials Through Ice
Nov 13 Justin Chen Georgia Tech Free Resolutions of Function Classes Via Order Complexes
Nov 20 Eric Stucky UMN Strange Expectations for Simultaneous Cores
Nov 27
Dec 4 Aram Dermenjian York University
Dec 11 Elisa Gorla University of Neuchâtel