Welcome to CHEMOGALE, a program that transforms the arrangement of phases in composition space to a variety of useful, intensive variable diagrams. The only input is the phase chemography, in terms of your choice of n+q phases, where n is the number of chemical components. Graphical output is provided for systems of n+2 and n+3 phases. The value of n is currently restricted to be more than 1 and no greater than 6. Degenerate chemographies are fine.

Once the components and phases are entered, CHEMOGALE does the following:

  1. n+1 phases:

    • Computes and tabulates the single mass balance equation (univariant reaction)
    • Computes all phase assemblages

  2. n+2 phases:

    • Computes and tabulates the mass balance equations
    • Computes the 2-dimensional Gale diagram and displays single invariant point with labeled reactions
    • Tabulates phase assemblages in any mouse-selected divariant region
    • Highlights divariant region corresponding to a selected phase assemblage

  3. n+3 phases:

    • Computes and tabulates the mass balance equations
    • Computes the 3-dimensional Gale diagram and secondary fan and projects them onto a rotatable unit sphere to give the closed net
    • Labels all reactions in the closed net and tabulates assemblages in any mouse-selected divariant region
    • Computes the Euler Sphere, representing the n+3 invariant points as great circles
    • Computes and displays your mouse-selected potential solutions (n+3 phase grids) from the set of regions on the rotatable Euler Sphere
    • Tabulates assemblages in the mouse-selected divariant field on any n+3 phase grid

  4. n+q phases (q>3):

    • Computes and tabulates the mass balance equations
    • Computes and tabulates all phase assemblages

  5. Finally, CHEMOGALE computed bulk chemistry in terms of the appropriate assemblage in any divariant field generated above.

In order to run CHEMOGALE, your browser must support Java 1.1 or later. We recommend either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

For first time users, we recommend that you take the guided tour of the program to get familiar with its functionality. Otherwise, follow the link below to run the fully interactive version. It is our hope that you find this program useful and educational, and we welcome any comments regarding your experience with it.

You might also find the Master's thesis of Sam Peterson (in PDF format) useful.

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