Math 1271: Calculus I, Lecture 040

Fall 1999

WARNING! This is the only lecture of Calculus I being taught this quarter with a special feature- part of the homework consists of drill exercises that must be submitted using the World-Wide-Web by certain deadlines (see"Web drill" below). If you have signed up for this lecture of Calculus I, you will be expected to have stable access to the Web, or else back-up plans for when your web access fails, and a web-browser that can handle these drills. There will be no Web-based excuses accepted (e.g. "my dog ate my browser"), for missing the deadlines on these drill homeworks.  
Prerequisites: Placement exam or C- or better in either Math 1151 or Math 1155, but no prior calculus needs to have been taken. 
Remarks of CAUTION: (1) Math 1271 requires a good understanding of trigonometry. Students without this may not notice much difficulty at the beginning of the course, but then, if overwhelming difficulty is encountered later it may be too late to switch to Math 1151. (2) Students with some calculus background might, on the basis of easily grasping the early part of the course, create a defective study routine that will not suffice later in the course. 
Personnel and Office hours 
Person Time Location Phone e-mail
Vic Reiner (lecturer) 3:35-5:00 PM on Mon, 11:15 AM-12:05 PM on Wed Vincent Hall 256 625-6682
Wonjae Chang (TA) 12:30-2:00 PM on Tues, Thur Vincent Hall 524 624-0284
Caixia Ge (TA) 11:00 AM-12:30 PM on Tues, Thur Lind Hall 252 626-0064
Minchul Kang (TA) 4:40 PM-5:40 PM on Tues, Thur Lind Hall 359 626-1366
Text: Calculus with Analytic Geometry, Early transcendentals (5th Edition), by C. H. Edwards and D. E. Penney. There is a publisher's web site associated with the text, that I'd recommend you look at, having all sorts of extra resources for the student.
Lectures: Mon-Wed-Fri 2:30-3:20pm, Science Classroom Building 325. 
Recitation sections 
Section Time Location Teaching assistant
Dis 041 2:30-3:20 PM Tues in Vincent Hall 6, Thurs in Vincent Hall 1 M. Kang
Dis 042 2:30-3:20 PM Lind Hall 302 W. Chang
Dis 043 2:30-3:20 PM 1701 Univ. Ave (former Newman Ctr) Rm. 143 C. Ge
Dis 044 3:35-4:25 PM 1701 Univ. Ave (former Newman Ctr) Rm. 3 C. Ge
Dis 045 3:35-4:25 PM Science Classroom Building 325 M. Kang
Dis 046 3:35-4:25 PM Science Classroom Building 375 W. Chang
Calculators: You will need a hand-held scientific calculator that can do exponentials, logarithms, and trig functions. Any kind of hand-held calculator, including those which can do symbolic differentiation and integration will be allowed during exams. However, you may not store text in fancy calculators that might be used as notes during the exams.  
Web drill: An important part of the homework (and one-tenth of the the course grade) are web-based drills, created by Prof. Paul Garrett. These web drills offer the student an opportunity to try lots of practice problems of a routine nature, with instantaneous feedback. Each week by midnight on Tuesday, a specified collection of the drills (see the web drill page for the schedule) must be submitted with correct answers in order for the student to get full credit for that week. Drills submitted late will be given an amount of partial credit that decreases linearly down to 1/2 the original amount within two weeks, and then are worth no credit after that. Also as mentioned above, there are no web-based excuses for not submitting these drills.  
Exams:  Midterm Exams (no make-ups)
Exam 1: Thursday, September 30 (Sections 1.5, 2.1-2.4, 3.1). 
Exam 2: Thursday, October 21 (Sections 3.2-3.8, 7.4). 
Exam 3: Thursday, November 18 (Sections 3.9-3.10, 4.1-4.7, 5.1-5.2).
Final Exam (no make-up)
Friday, December 17, 1:30-4:30pm, location to be announced. 
Grading Policy: The course grade will be computed according to the following weighting system:
Web drill ..................................................... 10% 
Recitation (quizzes and/or homework)..... 15% total  
Midterm Exams ..........................................15% Each (45% total)
Final Exam ................................................. 30%
Incompletes: The grade I ("incomplete") shall be assigned at the lecturer's discretion when, due to extraordinary circumstances, the student was prevented from completing the entire course. It is my policy to assign incompletes only rarely, and only when almost all of the course has already been completed in a satisfactory fashion prior to the extraordinary circumstances. See me (Vic) if something occurs which makes you think you should receive an incomplete.  
Homework: Listed below are practice problems for each section of the book. It is strongly suggested that you do all of them, and also try other ones out of the book for further practice. However you are only required to hand in the even-numbered problems at the beginning of Tuesday recitations. For your own benefit, make sure that you try to do the odd-numbered questions on your own, before comparing with the answers in the back of the book. Collaboration on the homework is encouraged. However, each student must understand the solutions, write them up in their own handwriting, and also write down with whom they have collaborated on the homework sheet. The recitation grade will be determined partly by the homeworks, and partly by short quizzes given most weeks in recitations on Thursday.  
SCHEDULE FOR Math 1271: Fall 1999
Assignment Due Date Sections Pages, suggested problems (odd-numbered), problems to hand in (even-numbered)
1   Tues 9/14   Chap. 1 Misc.
p. 49: 12,15,16,22,23,24,49,50
p. 62: 19,20,29,30,31  
2   Tues 9/21   2.2
Chap. 2 Misc.  
p. 75: 25,32,37,44,54
p. 85:51,56,63,64
p. 94:18,21,28,32,45,60,65
p. 97:55,62  
3   Tues 9/28   3.1
p. 111: 24,27,30-35,37,39,44
p. 123:53,54,60
p. 132:49,52,58  
Exam 1   Thurs 9/30   Sections 1.5, 2.1-2.4, 3.1    
4   Tues 10/5   3.4
p. 139: 46,63,66
p. 147: 45, 47-52  
5   Tues 10/12   3.6
p. 159: 1,8,10,21,31,46
p. 171: 66,69,73,75,78
p. 185: 9,52,60
p. 458: 37,44,51  
6   Tues 10/19   3.9   p. 192: 3,14,26,31,34,40,47,56  
Exam 2   Thurs 10/21   Sections 3.2-3.8, 7.4    
7   Tues 10/26   3.10
Chap. 3 Misc.
p. 205:3,10,17,21,34
p. 209:56,61,64,93,98
p. 221: 28,33,42,47  
8   Tues 11/2   4.3
p. 231:42,45
p. 240:31,34,36,49
p. 250:51,54,57  
9   Tues 11/9   4.6
Chap. 4 Misc.
p. 263:28,77-82,84,87
p. 275:17,18,21,24,40,47
p. 279:78
p. 294:32,33,53,56,58,75  
10   Tues 11/16   5.3
p. 307: 35,40,48
p. 315: 46,53
p. 327:49,50,57,64  
Exam 3   Thurs 11/18   Sections 3.9-3.10, 4.1-4.7, 5.1-5.2    
11   Tues 11/23   5.6
p. 336: 36,39,40,65,68
p. 344: 63,67,68,70  
12   Tues 11/30   5.8
Chap. 5 Misc.  
p. 355: 24,31,37,47,50,53
p. 368: 24,25,27,28
p. 372: 34,77  
13   Tues 12/7   6.1
p. 382: 37,40,43
p. 392: 35,36,47,48
p. 400: 20,21,35,38  
14   Tues 12/14   6.4
p. 410: 37,40
p. 466: 3,4,8,20
p. 418: 3,16,24,25  
Final Exam   Fri 12/17   Covers whole course   1:30-4:30 pm, location to be announced  

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