Summer REUs (Research Experiences for Undergrads)

Vic Reiner

I started mentoring REUs in Summer of 2000, and since 2005 have been co-mentoring them with various
of my combinatorial and algebraic colleagues, Christine Berkesch, Ben Brubaker, Gregg Musiker, Pavlo Pylyavskyy, Dennis Stanton.

Our 18th annual REU program in combinatorics is happening right now for 8 weeks this summer, June 3 - July 26, 2019.
The REU coordinator for Summer 2019 is Christine Berkesch.
Here are answers to some frequently asked REU questions.

Applications were submitted through MathPrograms here.
The application deadline wass February 13, 2019.
Students were not required to accept or decline prior to the agreed-upon common REU response deadline of March 8.

Some info for our REUs

Summer 2019 (underway)

Schedule, lecture notes, resources, final presentations

Mentors C. Berkesch*, B. Brubaker, S. Chepuri, S. Hopkins
(Musiker, Pylyavskyy taking a break.)

TAs: Sarah Brauner, Claire Frechette, Andy Hardt, Greg Michel, Jorin Schug, Katy Weber

Participants: Michael Curran, Quang Dao, Christopher Dowd, Nathan Kenshur, Feiyang Lin, Sean McNally, Christina Meng, Zachary Stier, Julian Wellman, Zixuan Xu, Calvin Yost-Wolff, Teresa Yu, Sylvester Zhang, Valerie Zhang.

Past REU info

Here is the current version of our community agreement.

Some published papers that resulted from my early REUs are on my papers web page

Here are the reports from the REUs, in reverse chronological order. An asterisk indicates the REU coordinator.

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