University of Minnesota Combinatorics Seminar
2010-2011: Friday 3:35-4:25 in 570 Vincent Hall

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date speaker affiliation title (possibly click for an abstract)
Fall Semester
September 10
Patricia Hersh N. Carolina State Univ./Cornell Univ. The "q=-1" phenomenon via homology concentration
September 17
No seminar-- Willard Miller conference starts
September 24
Jia Huang Univ. of Minnesota 0-Hecke algebras acting on flags and coinvariants
October 1
Vic Reiner Univ. of Minnesota P-partitions revisited
October 8
Luke Oeding Univ. of Florence Defining equations of orbit closures in skew symmetric tensors
October 15
Ricky Liu Univ. of Minnesota Matching polytopes and Specht modules
October 22
Jonah Blasiak Univ. of Michigan Nonstandard Hecke algebra for the Kronecker problem
October 29
June Huh Univ. of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign Milnor numbers of projective hypersurfaces and the chromatic polynomial of graphs
November 5
Kenji Kashiwabara Univ. of Tokyo Closure operators and extreme-point operators
November 12
Hoda Bidkhori N. Carolina State Univ. Lattice Path Matroid Polytopes
November 19
Luis Serrano Univ. du Quebec a Montreal Maximal fillings of moon polyominoes, simplicial complexes, and Schubert polynomials
November 26
No seminar-- Thanksgiving
December 3
Florian Block Univ. of Michigan Computing Node Polynomials for Plane Curves
December 10
Jang Soo Kim Univ. of Minnesota Touchard-Riordan formulas, T-fractions, and Jacobi's triple product identity
December 17
No seminar -- final exams
Spring Semester
January 21
No seminar-- first week of classes
Monday, January 24
Special seminar at 11:15am in VinH20

Karola Mészáros MIT Triangulations of root polytopes and Kirillov's conjectures
January 28
Vic Reiner Univ. of Minnesota Spectra of symmetrized shuffling operators
February 4
Jang Soo Kim Univ. of Minnesota On enumeration formulas for weighted Motzkin paths
February 11
Jia Huang Univ. of Minnesota Counting fixed points for torus actions on flags
February 18
Gregg Musiker Univ. of Minnesota The cyclotomic polynomial topologically
February 25
Alex Fink North Carolina State Univ. Valuative matroid invariants and the Grassmannian
March 4
Peter Webb Univ. of Minnesota Sets with a category action
March 11
Ricky Liu Univ. of Minnesota Matrices with restricted entries over finite fields
March 18
No seminar-- spring break
March 25
David Perkinson Reed College Some algebraic geometry of sandpiles
April 1
Pavlo Pylyavskyy Univ. of Minnesota The inverse problem in cylindrical electrical networks
April 8
Vic Reiner Univ. of Minnesota A new twisted Gelfand pair from reflection groups
April 15
Nathan Williams Univ. of Minnesota Promotion and Rowmotion
April 22
Vivien Ripoll Univ. du Quebec a Montreal Factorisations of a Coxeter element and discriminant of a reflection group
April 29
Christian Stump Univ. du Quebec a Montreal A uniform bijection between nonnesting and noncrossing partitions
May 6
No seminar
May 13
No seminar-- final exams
Summer seminars 2011
Tuesday, Aug 23
12:20pm, VinH 364
Carsten Lange FU-Berlin Minkowski decompositions of associahedra

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