University of Minnesota Combinatorics Seminar
2011-2012: Friday 3:35-4:25 in 570 Vincent Hall

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date speaker affiliation title (possibly click for an abstract)
Fall Semester
September 9
No seminar
September 16
Anne Sinko College of St. Benedict and St. John's University Colored-independence in Graphs
September 21 (unusual time)
Anne Schilling UC Davis Crystal energies via the charge in types A and C
September 30
Steven Sam MIT Counting matrices over finite fields
October 7
Gregg Musiker University of Minnesota Bases for Cluster Algebras from surfaces without punctures
October 14
David Bressoud Macalester College Sign Variations on the Macdonald Identities
October 21
Spencer Backman Georgia Tech Chip-Firing and Riemann-Roch Theory for Directed Graphs
October 28
Julianna Tymoczko University of Iowa Regular nilpotent Hessenberg varieties
November 4
Zoltán Füredi UIUC and Renyi Institute Superimposed codes and hypergraphs containing no grids
November 11
Mike Weimerskirch Augsburg College Sturmian Words and k-Wythoff Nim
November 18
Yuji Kodama Ohio State KP solitons and real Grassmannians
November 25
No seminar- Thanksgiving holiday
December 2
David Wilson Microsoft Research Spanning trees of graphs on surfaces & intensity of loop-erased random walk on Z^2
December 9
Max Glick University of Michigan On singularity confinement for the pentagram map
December 16
No seminar -- final exams
Spring Semester
January 27
Vic Reiner University of Minnesota Antichains in minuscule posets
February 3
Jia Huang University of Minnesota 0-Hecke algebra actions on polynomials
February 10
Ben Brubaker MIT Tokuyama's Deformation of the Weyl Character Formula
February 17
Kevin Dilks University of Minnesota Involutions on Baxter Objects
February 24
Dylan C Rupel University of Oregon Quantum Cluster Characters
March 2
Michael Shapiro Michigan State Pentagram map
March 9
Tom Halverson Macalester College SL(2) centralizers
March 16
No seminar-- Spring Break
March 23
Dmytro Bilyk University of Minnesota Combinatorial and geometric discrepancy
March 30
Alex Csar University of Minnesota Right arm rotation and a subposet of the Tamari lattice
April 6
Andy Berget UC Davis Cutting out a projective equivalence class
April 13
Peter McNamara Bucknell Univ. The Mobius function of generalized subword order
April 20
Hugh Thomas University of New Brunswick Triangulations of cyclic polytopes from the point of view of cluster theory
April 27
Jeremy Martin University of Kansas Cellular Cuts, Flows, Critical Groups, and Cocritical Groups
May 4
Alex Miller University of Minnesota Reflection arrangements and ribbon representations
May 11
No seminar-- final exams

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