University of Minnesota Combinatorics Seminar
2012-2013: Friday 3:35-4:25 in 570 Vincent Hall

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date speaker affiliation title (possibly click for an abstract)
Fall Semester
September 7
No seminar (1st week of classes)
September 14 D. Stanton UMN Orthogonal basic hypergeometric Laurent polynomials
September 21 Jang Soo Kim UMN Moments of Askey-Wilson polynomials
September 28 Joel Brewster Lewis UMN Enumeration of graded (3 + 1)-free posets
October 5 Dennis Stanton UMN q-Taylor series, interpolation, and Rodrigues formulas
October 12 David Clark UMN Designs, Geometries, and Hamada's Conjecture
October 19 Alex Miller UMN The strict growth conjecture for differential posets
October 26 Jane Butterfield UMN Extremal F_5-free subgraphs of the random hypergraph
November 2 Jae-Ho Lee Wisconsin Q-polynomial distance-regular graphs and the DAHA of type (CV1,C1)
November 9 Jim Haglund Penn Zeros of Eulerian polynomials and Permanents connected to Rook Theory
November 16 Nathan Williams UMN Noncrossing and Nonnesting Partitions for Parabolic Quotients
November 23 No seminar (Thanksgiving)
November 30 Dennis White UMN Unfinished Business
December 7 Jessica Striker UMN A solution to the ASM-TSSCPP-DPP bijection problem in the permutation case
December 14 No seminar (final exams)
Spring Semester
January 25 Margaret Readdy Kentucky Euler flag enumeration of Whitney stratified spaces
February 1 Vic Reiner UMN Parking spaces
February 8 Susanna Fishel Arizona State University Enumeration of strong, standard, starred tableaux
February 15 Suyoung Choi Ajou University A new graph invariant arises in toric topology: rational Betti numbers of real toric varieties arising from graphs
February 22 Rei Inoue Chiba University Tropical geometry and integrable cellular automata
March 1 Idun Reiten NTNU Quotient closed subcategories
March 8 Ae Ja Yee Penn State Partitions with part difference conditions and Bressoud's conjecture
March 15 Scott Corry Lawrence University Graph-theoretic Hurwitz Groups
March 22 No seminar (Spring break)
March 29 Richard Stanley MIT Line shellings
April 5 Kevin Carde Michigan Cluster structures on mixed invariant rings, and related combinatorics
April 12 Christian Stump Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover Constructing generalized cluster complexes as subword complexes
April 19 Adriano Garsia UCSD The two sides of the extended Shuffle Conjecture
April 26 Jessica Striker UMN Graph flows and partial order polytopes
May 3 Cesar Ceballos York University Subword Complexes in Algebra, Combinatorics, and Geometry
May 10 Pasha Pylyavskyy UMN Tensor diagrams and cluster algebras
May 17 No seminar (final exams)

The seminar is organized by Dennis Stanton and Joel Lewis; this webpage is maintained by Joel Lewis.
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