University of Minnesota Combinatorics Seminar
2013-2014: Friday 3:35-4:25 in 570 Vincent Hall

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date speaker affiliation title (possibly click for an abstract)
Fall Semester
September 6
Tom Roby University of Connecticut Homomesy in Products of Two Chains
September 13 Max Glick UMN Two singularity phenomena
September 20 Karola Mészáros Cornell Product formulas for the volumes of flow polytopes
September 27 Jed Yang UMN Computational complexity and decidability of tiling problems
October 4 Michael Chmutov Michigan Type A molecules are of Kazhdan-Lusztig type
October 11 Jang Soo Kim KIAS The Selberg integral and Young books
October 18 Manda Riehl Wisconsin-Eau Claire Generating functions and Wilf equivalence for k-embeddings
October 25
November 1 Jeanne Scott
Mikhail Mazin
HRI, Allahabad
Kansas State
Twist and Matchings
Rational Slope Parking Functions and Affine Permutations
November 8
Special seminar
Kathleen O'Hara Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Is there life outside of academia? Non-academic job options
November 15 Igor Pak UCLA Unimodality via Kronecker coefficients
November 22 Matthias Lenz Oxford On splines and counting lattice points in polytopes
November 29 No seminar (Thanksgiving)
Monday, December 9
Note unusual day, times, locations!
Christian Krattenthaler
Shaun Cooper
Ole Warnaar
Universität Wien
Massey University
University of Queensland
A dual of MacMahon's theorem on plane partitions
Sporadic sequences, hypergeometric functions and modular forms
Affine Lie algebras and the Rogers-Ramanujan identities
December 13 No seminar (final exams)
Spring Semester
January 24 Brendan Pawlowski U. Washington Permutation patterns and Stanley symmetric functions
January 31 Gregg Musiker UMN Brane Tilings and Cluster Algebras
February 7 Eric Egge Carleton Stirling Permutations, Legendre-Stirling Permutations, and Jacobi-Stirling Permutations
February 14 Christine Berkesch Zamaere UMN Surprising shapes of free resolutions
February 21 Philippe di Francesco UIUC The combinatorics of non-commutative discrete integrable systems
February 28 Mourad E. H. Ismail U. Central Florida Combinatorics of linearization coefficients
March 7 Carolina Benedetti Michigan State Posets, Pieri Operators and Positivity
March 14 Elizabeth Beazley Haverford Maximal Newton Polygons and Quantum Schubert Calculus
March 21 No seminar (Spring break)
March 28 Andrew Gainer-Dewar Carleton Γ-species and the enumeration of unlabeled bipartite blocks
April 4 Al Garver UMN Maximal Green Sequences for Type A Quivers
April 11 Alejandro Morales UQàM Bijections and symmetries for factorizations of the long cycle
April 18 aBa Mbirika Wisconsin-Eau Claire A Robinson-Schendsted correspondence on complex reflection groups G(r,p,n)
April 25 Vivek Dhand Canandaigua, NY Unimodal and Sperner ideals in Young's lattice
May 2 Karl Mahlburg LSU Analytic and Combinatorial study of Schur's Second Partition Theorem
May 9 Anne Shepler North Texas The backbone and virtue of Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt
May 16 No seminar (final exams)

The seminar is organized by Dennis Stanton and Joel Lewis; this webpage is maintained by Joel Lewis.
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