University of Minnesota Combinatorics Seminar
Spring 2008: Tuesdays 4:30-5:30, Vincent Hall 570

date speaker affiliation title (click for an abstract)
January 22
Karl Mahlburg MIT Durfee symbol congruences and weak Maass forms
January 29
Dave Anderson Michigan Schubert polynomials and Hessenberg varieties
February 5
no seminar    
February 12
Seth Sullivant Harvard Secant varieties in algebraic statistics
February 19
Steve Griffeth Minnesota A combinatorial model for representations of rational Cherednik algebras
February 26
Vic Reiner Minnesota (q,t) analogues and the general linear group
March 4
Igor Pak Minnesota The square peg problem
March 11
Alex Miller Minnesota Smith invariants and differential posets
March 18
no seminar   Spring Break 
March 25
Tom Halverson Macalester Combinatorics of the q-partition algebra
April 1
Dumi Stamate Minnesota On sequentially Cohen-Macaulay posets
Apr 11 (Fri)
Jason Morton Stanford Conditional probability, bipartite graphs, and permutohedra (special day & time)
April 15
Andy Berget Minnesota Representations generated by tensors
April 22
Ezra Miller Minnesota Combinatorics of Horn hypergeometric series
Apr 30 (Wed)
Julianna Tymoczko Iowa Equivariant Schubert calculus for weighted projective space (special day& time)
May 6
Milena Hering IMA T-graphs of Hilbert schemes of points in the plane
May 13
Jeremy Martin Kansas Simplicial and cubical spanning trees

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