Syllabus for Math 1155 --- Spring 2003


One semester precalculus course covering topics in algebra, logarithmic, exponential and trigonometric functions. This course will move rapidly through the material. The sequence 1051-1151 covers the same material in one year.


Precalculus (6th edition), by Michael Sullivan.


Quizzes 1/5
Midterm Exams (1/5 each) 2/5
Final Exam 2/5

For a general policy statement about grades, academic honesty and workload, go to: University Grading Policy Statement.


Homework will be assigned but not collected. Instead there will be weekly quizzes consisting of problems very similar to the homework problems. If you can do the homework problems you should have no trouble with the quizzes. One quiz score will be dropped to allow for an absence or just a "bad day."

Exam Dates:

 Midterm I Monday, February 24
 Midterm II Monday, April 7
 Final Monday, May 12, 6:10-9:10

All exams are open book/notes. Calculators, including graphing ones, are allowed.

Approximate Schedule:

 Week  Topics  Sections
1/21-1/24 Cart. coords, distance, lines and circles 1.1-1.3
1/27-1/31 Functions and graphs 2.1-2.4
2/3-2/7 Compositions, polynomials 2.5-2.6, 3.1-3.2
2/10-2/14 Rational functions and graphs 3.3-3.5
2/17-2/21 Roots of polynomials, Fund.Theor. of Alg. 3.6-3.7
2/24-2/28 Midterm I, Inverse functions, exp. and log functions 4.1-4.3
3/3-3/7 Properties of exp and log, applications 4.4-4.6
3/10-3/14 Systems of eqs. and inequalities 10.1-10.2,10.7-10.8
3/17-3/21 Spring Break !  
3/24-3/28 Unit circle trigonometry 5.1-5.3
3/31-4/4 Graphs of trig. functions 5.4-5.6
4/7-4/11 Midterm II, Inv. trig. functions, trig. identities 6.1-6.3
4/14-4/18 More trig. formulas, trig. equations 6.4-6.8
4/21-4/25 Right angle trig., applications 7.1-7.3
4/28-5/2 Area of triangle, polar coords., complex plane 7.4,8.1,8.3
5/5-5/9 Sequences, arithmetic and geometric 11.1-11.3