Syllabus for Math 3116 and 3118 --- Spring 2000


Math 3118 is the second semester of "Topics In Elementary Mathematics." Math 3116 consists of the first half of Math 3118. A nontraditional, group learning approach is used. There will be a small amount of lecturing to introduce new topics and set the mood, but most of the time is spent problem solving in small groups. Prerequisite: Math 3113

Course Materials:

The course will cover a subset of Chapters 7-12 of the notes entitled "Mathematical Problem Solving for Elementary School Teachers," by Dennis White. The notes can be purchased at Alpha Print, 1407 Fourth St. in Dinkytown. Everyone should have a notebook for working on group session problems (you will be able to use this notebook during tests). Probably I will omit some topics from the notes and replace them with materials which will be distributed in class.


Group Work 1/6
Homework 1/6
Tests 2/3

Group Work:

Small groups will be chosen at random at the beginning of each chapter. You are expected to actively participate in these group sessions and to occasionally present results at the board. Try to make sure that you understand each problem and also that the other members of your group understand. One of the best ways to learn is to explain to someone else. Most students actively participate in this part of the course and will receive full credit in this area. Points will be deducted for repeatedly being absent without a valid excuse or for marked lack of participation.


Several problems will be assigned each day. These will generally be similar to problems treated that day in class. Written solutions will be collected from each student at the beginning of the following class. You may work together with other students in solving the homework problems but everyone should write up the solutions separately, in their own words. You should write clear but concise explanations of your solutions. Late assignments will be accepted only with a valid excuse.


These determine most of your grade. There will be a test at the end of each chapter. Notebooks, returned homework assignments, calculators and the chapter notes themselves may all be used during the tests.