Academic Advising
IT Lower Division Students

Last updated September 21, 2000

I am the faculty advisor for IT Freshman Team I this year (1999/2000).

The peer advisors who work with our team are:

Other important people in our office (Lind Hall 128    612-624-2890):

Announcement (9/21/00): Upcoming fall meetings

Check the letter (or e-mail(?)) that you received to see which meeting to attend. If in doubt call the advising office at 624-2890.
Refreshments will be served.

When (and how) to make an appointment.

IT students in Lower Division must meet with a faculty advisor (or sometimes a grad student advisor) each quarter before registering. You may need to meet with an advisor at some other times also. This could be because you're having some kind of academic difficulty, or because you're thinking about some significant change in your program, or for various other reasons. In any of these cases, you can arrange an appointment by going to the IT Lower Division Office in Lind Hall 128 or by calling the office at 612-624-2890.

How to contact me at other times

Some resources of interest to IT students (including a few links)