Do you need to download or enable Java?

If the figures on the left and the right look different, then the answer probably is "YES" -- especially if the figure on the right is blank.  If Java is working in your web browser, the figures will look the same when they load -- and you'll be able to rotate the figure on the right by dragging it with the mouse.
A link where you can download Java, and get information about it, is presented below.

Downloading and enabling Java

    If the "easy method" described above doesn't do the job, but you'd like to configure your web browser to use Java, here is a link where you can learn how to get started:

    Instructions and online help are available at the download link, and there is a good chance of success if you follow the instructions patiently.  On the other hand, some parts of the process still may remain mysterious.  If so, you may want to ask for help from a friend who is proficient in working with computer operating systems.

    {Some languages other than English are available on the download link, with suitable substitutions for /en, including /es (Spanish), /fr (french), /ru (Russian), /de (German), /it(Italian) /sv (Swedish), /pl (Polish), and some others.} 

    When you visit the page that is linked above, your computer's operating system probably will be recognized.  If you think that it was recognized incorrectly, then click on the  All Java Downloads  link on the left side of the page. 

Java downloads are available at the download link for the following operating systems:

Update completed on August 10, 2011.