Math 2374, Sections 21 & 22
IT Multivariable Calculus
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There isn't as much here as there used to be. In a cooperative effort, two other TAs and I are joinly maintaining a TA Advice Page. In the past we each had our own pages for our sections, and if one of posted a homework hint, or some other bit of advice, we'd have to tell the other TAs about it so that they could notify their students and/or link to it from their own page. Sometimes we didn't do this very well, and therefore some sections got a lot more help than others. Also, sometimes three or four TAs posted nearly identical material, so we were duplicating a lot of work.

In short, it was a mess. Hopefully we've cleaned it up a bit, and I really encourage you to make use of the new page.

The only things I've left on this page are the things which are specific to our section: my office hours, our gradelines, etc. If you'd like me to add something, just ask.

Current Office Hours

Look at my schedule to see when my current office hours are. If they don't work, look for a time when I'm free and email me at to arrange an appointment. I try to be flexible when meeting students, but please pay attention to the message at the bottom of the schedule about what times work for me, and what times don't work well (often because of child care issues).

Help me, Please!

If you need help with the course, you have many options!

Exams, Homework and Labs

All of my advice for exams, homework, and labs will be posted on the
TA Advice page.
Grades and Gradelines

Your homework and lab scores will be
posted here according to code name. Ask me if you're not sure what your code name is.

Main Page | Schedule | Vector Analysis | Baby Pictures | Personal Page | Junior Colloquium | Math Dept

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