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Spring 2019

Math 4512. Differential Equations with Applications.

Spring 2018

Math 8584. Theory of PDE.

Math 5616H. Introduction to Analysis II

Fall 2017

Math5615H. Introduction to Analysis.

Math5651.Basic Theory of Probability and Statistics

Spring 2017

Math 4428. Mathematical Modeling

Math 5616H. Introduction to Analysis II.

Fall 2016

Math 5615H. Introduction to Analysis.

Spring 2016

Math 8602. Real Analysis

Math 4512. Differential Equations with Applications

Fall 2015

Math 8601. Real Analysis

Spring 2015

Math 8659. Stochastic Processes

Fall 2014

Math 5652. Introduction to Stochastic Processes

Previous Courses, up to Spring 2014

Some Old publications, Notes and Preprints

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231 Vincent Hall,
School of Mathematics,
University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis, MN 55455
(612) 625-8571

Research Interests:
Partial Differential Equations and Probability Theory

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