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Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Weum, and I am a second year graduate student in the M.S. Mathematics with Math Education Emphasis program here in the U's Math Department. I graduated with my B.S. in Mathematics in May 2011 from here at the U as well. I'm looking forward to being your Teaching Assistant this semester!

I love math, and I love making math fun! I am excited to share my enthusiasm towards math with all of you throughout the semester. I support cooperative learning, and I will try to incorporate group work and workshop seminars into many discussion sections to maximize your learning.

I enjoy math because of the rewarding feeling I get when actually finishing problems. I love staring at a problem for hours ... or even days ... and then, a lightbulb turns on, and you finally determine the small trick that leads you to the answer.

I ultimately want to start teaching math in a middle school setting because those are the years in which students learn to either love or hate math. My goal is to get younger students excited for math -- yes, more students interested in math, but also, more students, in general, not dreading the math class period every day.

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