Speaker: Eric Egge, Carleton College

Title: Snow Leopard Permutations, Even Knots, Odd Knots, Janus Knots, and Restricted Catalan Paths

Abstract: Snow leopard permutations are the permutations the (complete) Baxter permutations induce on their odd entries, when their even entries form a doubly alternating permutation. Thanks to some work four of my students did last year, we know (among other things) that there are C_n snow leopard permutations of length 2n+1, we have a simple bijection between these permutations and the Catalan paths of length 2n, and we know that the snow leopard permutations preserve parity. In this talk I will fill in some the details I've left out above, and I'll describe some connections between certain classes of restricted Catalan paths and the permutations snow leopard permutations induce on their even and odd entries. This is joint work with Ben Caffrey, Greg Michel, Kailee Rubin, Jon Ver Steegh.