Vladimir Sverak's Homepage

Contact Info

Vincent Hall 236
e-mail: sverak"at"math.umn.edu

Office Hours

Tuesday 3:50 -- 5:05, Thursday 3:50 - 5:05 or by appointment

Research Interests

Partial Differential Equations


Fall 2017: Elementary Partial Differential Equations, Math 5587, Course information and materials

Materials from selected previous courses

Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations, Math 5525, Textbook , Course Materials

Selected Topics in Fluid Mechanics (an introductory graduate course taught in 2011/2012), Course notes

Theory of PDE (an introductory graduate course taught in 2010/2011), Course notes

Recent Publications

V. Sverak's research has been supported in part by grants DMS 1101428 and DMS 1362467 from the National Science Foundation.

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