Math 5335: Geometry I


Fall 2011

CLASS MEETINGS: 12:20-2:15 MW, Nicholson Hall 110

INSTRUCTOR: Alex Voronov

OFFICE: VinH 324

PHONE: (612) 624-0355

E-MAIL ADDRESS: You are welcome to use e-mail to send questions to me.

CLASS WEB PAGE: All class announcements will be posted on the class homepage and NOT handed out in class.

OFFICE HOURS: T 11:00-12:30, W 10:30-12:00, or by appointment.

TEXT:  Geometry I, booklet for Fall 2011, by Fristedt, Baxter & Rogness. Available at Alpha Print (1407 4th Street S.E.) in Dinkytown. Ask for it by the bin number (65) or course number (Math 5335). The booklet is also available on reserve in the Math Library.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The first part of the semester will use vector techniques in advanced study of Euclidean geometry in the plane, concentrating on figures such as polygons and circles. We will also study special transformations called isometries and classify all possible isometries on the plane. The later part of the semester will focus on (1) showing that our vector techniques are consistent with the "regular" geometry one might find in a high school classroom, and (2) learning the basics of hyperbolic geometry and how it compares to Euclidean geometry. Professor Joel Roberts, who has taught this course multiple times, has posted a good explanation of how our approach to Geometry will be somewhat different than other courses. Please read it during the first week of the class.

PREREQUISITES: [Math 2243 or 2373 or 2573] and [Math 2263 or 2374 or 2574, or concurrent enrollment therein].

COVERAGE (tentative): Chapters 1, 2, skipping Sections 2.1 - 2.2, Chapters 3, 7, skipping Section 7.6, Chapters 4 - 6, 8 - 11.


HOMEWORK: Homework will be collected at the beginning of Wednesday class meetings and a random selection of problems graded. Late homework will be discouraged by assessing a penalty. We will be regularly discussing homework solutions in class. Also note that selected homework problems (or similar) may be given on tests. This is another reason why you should do homework during the week, rather than when the homework is due and, moreover, remember the ideas and techniques used in your solutions. Getting together with other students (that is, in study groups) is a very efficient way to do homework (and have fun and pizza), see also GETTING HELP above.

EXAMS: There will be three two-hour exams during the following Wednesday class meetings: October 12, November 16, and December 14 in our regular classroom, NichH 110. All tests are closed-book, closed-notes, no "cheat sheets", no calculators. There will be no final exam.

MAKE-UP TESTS: There will be no make-up tests. However, early tests will be given, if you have a valid reason. Otherwise, since I will be dropping the lowest score of the three tests, if you have to miss one of them, your zero grade on it will likely not be counted.

GRADING POLICY: Grades will be assigned on a curve, using the following weights:

Class participation will also be taken into account in marginal cases.

CALCULATOR POLICY: Calculators will neither be needed, nor allowed on any tests.


September 13 - Last day to register for a class without instructor approval or drop a course and receive a 100% refund

September 19 - Last day to drop a course without receiving a "W" on transcript and receive a 75% refund

October 12 - Exam I

November 16 - Exam II

November 24-27 - Thanksgiving Break

December 14 - Exam III, last day of instruction