Math 8306: Algebraic Topology

Fall 2016

School of Mathematics
University of Minnesota

o Instructor: Sasha Voronov

o Section 001: MWF 11:15-12:05 in Vincent Hall 364

o Office Hours: Mon 1:30-2:20, Wed 12:20-1:10, Fri 12:20-1:10, or by appointment

o Grader: June Park, e-mail: junepark at, office: 454 Vincent Hall, phone: (612) 624-3531

o Text: Algebraic Topology, 1st edition, 2002, by Allen Hatcher (available for purchase at the bookstore and online, and for free on reserve and electronically through the library or here)

o Syllabus

o Library Course Page (contains a link to an e-copy of Hatcher)

o Homology and Cohomology over a Field

o Homework

o News and Announcements

o Class Outlines

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