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I grew up in the Mid-Hudson Valley, two hours upstate from New York City. I attended Bard College on the banks of the Hudson River and moved to Minneapolis, MN for graduate school in 2013. This page is a description of my current passions.

Math and Democracy

My interest in the redistricting problem was inspired by work and publicity from the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group based at Tufts University. Last October, I attended their conference in Madison, WI and participated in the Educator Workshop, designed to advance and pass on resources for teaching about the Gerrymandering. I also recommend Don Saari's Chaotic Elections! as a look at the basics of more general voting theory. I continue to explore related literature in a guided reading project with an undergraduate student at UMN.

These mathematical issues are part of my personal belief in the democratic process; I have volunteered with local candidates and served as a delegate in the Minnesota's primary caucuses.

Canoeing and the Outdoors

I love getting outdoors in the glorious Minnesota summer. Since moving here, my outdoor interests revolve around our beautiful lakes and waterways. I love canoeing and fishing anywhere from local city lakes to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness. I've camped at state parks throughout MN, rock climbed on the North Shore of Lake Superior, and canoed down rivers in western Wisconsin. I try to make an annual pilgrimage up to the BWCA. Tell me about your adventures and I'll gladly swap tales.

Ultimate Frisbee

For me, Ultimate is a community, a competitive outlet, a setting where I may serve as a mentor, and a great workout. I started playing Ultimate in high school. I played for four years and captained the team at Bard College as an undergraduate. I played with the University of Minnesota's Grey Duck for my last college season. I coached Mounds View High School for two years and UMN's B-Team Ugly Duckling for three years. I've played adult Club Ultimate with Minnesota Star Power since 2014 and captained the team in 2017.