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I have experience teaching a wide variety of courses.
In Fall 2018, I taught as an instructor at St. Olaf College, in Northfield MN.
The remainder of my six years of teaching experience is at the University of Minnesota.

Download a two-page Teaching Statement.
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The image on the right was created by my students in one of our activities in Linear Algebra, see my Teaching Portfolio for more sample materials.

Lead Instructor:

Calculus II
Math 126d — Instructor, at St. Olaf College. (Fall 2018)
Math 1272 — Co-Supervisor, with graduate student collegues at UMN. (Summer 2015)

Math 1155 — Course Supervisor, Lecturer. (Fall 2017)
• This was an Intensive Precalculus course, including a significant portion of college algebra.
• This course had only 31 students, unusual for a lecture at UMN.

Teaching Assistant:

Intro to Proofs through Analysis
Math 3283W — TA for Professor Mosher. (Fall 2015, Spring 2014)
• This was a writing-intensive course.

Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Math 2574 (Honors) — TA for Professor Webb. (Spring 2019)
Math 2574 (Honors) — TA for Dr. Joel Lewis. (Fall 2016)
Math 2373 — TA for Professor Zhu. (Spring 2015)
• This course included computer labs with Matlab.

Multivariable Calculus
Math 2573 (Honors) — TA for Dr. Joel Lewis. (Spring 2017)
Math 2263 — TA for Professor Gulliver. (Spring 2016)
Math 2374 — TA for Professor Diaconu. (Fall 2014)
• This course included computer labs with Mathematica.

Calculus I
Math 1271 — TA for Professor Marden. (Fall 2013)