Wei-Kuo Chen


School of Mathematics

University of Minnesota

537 Vincent Hall

206 Church St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

Email: wkchen [at] umn dot edu

About me:

Research Interests:


  (1) New Ph.D. students:
             I am open to take new Ph.D. students who are interested in probability theory and mathematical physics as well as their applications in data

             science. If you have received some fundamental training in probability and are interested in this direction, please feel free to contact me.

       (2) Undergraduate Summer School:
             In the summer 2020, I will organize a two-week summer school on Statistical Physics and Related Applications in Data Science aiming for undergraduate
             students. If you are interested in participating, it is highly recommended that you have taken some basic courses, such as Linear Algebra (Math 4242) and
             Probability and Statistics (Math 4653 or Math 5651) before attending. The summer school also has some financial supports available. The official
             advertisement and further information will be provided in October 2019.

         Math 5651: Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Fall 2019
         Math 5652: Introduction to Stochastic Processes, Spring 2020

Last update: Sep 14, 2019

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