Summer School 2020 on Random Structures and Optimizations in Data Science

Announcement: Due to the current development of COVID-19, the summer school is cancelled and will be postponed to 2021.
Scope: This is a summer school aiming to introduce some intriguing mathematics arising from data science. The topics plan to cover a wide range of subjects and tools in probability theory and mathematical physics, especially addressing their applications in data science. 

Who can apply: Undergraduate students who have received relevant training in introductory probability theory and linear algebra. We also encourage the involvement of high-school students.

Prerequisites: Introductory probability theory and linear algebra. To give you an idea on what tools we would need, we expect that the participants should have mastered the major contents, for example, in
Time: June 29-July 9, 2020

Location: School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus



Funding: We have some funding available (supported by the National Science Foundation) to cover your local expenses.