Mahrud Sayrafi @ School of Mathematics, UMN

Snoqualmie river, Washington, by Sophia Elia


My interests lie in the neighborhood of algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, and intersection theory. Here are some things I’ve recently read about:

I’m also interested in studying gerrymandering as a source of interesting problems in mathematics. In previous lives I’ve studied quantum information, cryptography, and radio astronomy.


If you’d like to join or contribute to any of these activities, feel free to get in touch.

Student Commutative Algebra Meeting

Directed Reading Program

The Directed Reading Program is a graduate student-run program that provides undergraduates with the opportunity to work closely with mathematics graduate students in an independent reading project.

AMS Grad Blog

I’m a staff writer for the AMS Grad Blog, which is a blog for and by math graduate students. My goal is to write about my point of view on the mathematics community.


A main aspect of my research involves developing and implementing algorithms to study explicit examples in algebraic geometry and commutative algebra.

Here are some packages I’ve contributed to:

For Spring 2020 I am sponsored by the MSRI to work for the Macaulay2 project. Keep an eye on my journal for updates.

I’m always happy to chat about Macaulay2 and learn how others use it in research.