Summer REUs (Research Experiences for Undergrads)

Vic Reiner

I started mentoring REUs in Summer of 2000, and since 2005 have been co-mentoring them with various
of my combinatorial and algebraic colleagues, Christine Berkesch, Ben Brubaker, Gregg Musiker, Pavlo Pylyavskyy, Dennis Stanton.

Our 20th annual REU program in combinatorics is taking place in-person during the 8 weeks of June 14 to August 6, 2021.

Applications were submitted through MathPrograms here, with deadline February 17, 2020.
Students were not required to accept or decline prior to the agreed-upon common REU response deadline of March 8.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about our REU.
Here is a document with useful info collected by William Yslas Vélez about finding REUs and similar programs,
and a list maintained by Steve Butler..

Some info for our REU students and TAs

Summer 2021 (back to in-person!)
(mentors E. Banaian, B. Brubaker, C. Frechette, E. Kelley, P. Pylyavskyy, V. Reiner*; Berkesch and Musiker took a break)
14 participants: Elisabeth Bullock, Noah Caplinger, Ariana Chin, Nyah Davis, Swapnil Garg, Aidan Kelley, Frank Lu, Kevin Ren, Gahl Shemy, David Shen, Brian Sun, Amy Tao, Siki Wang, Joy Zhang
TAs: Patty Commins, Libby Farrell, Trevor Karn, Meagan Kenney, Sasha Pevzner, Eric Stucky, Emily Tibor, Sylvester Zhang
Group photo

Past REU info

Some published papers that resulted from my early REUs are on my papers web page

Here are the reports from the REUs, in reverse chronological order. An asterisk indicates the REU coordinator.

  • Summer 2019 (co-mentored with C. Berkesch*, B. Brubaker, S. Chepuri, S. Hopkins; Musiker and Pylyavskyy took a break.)
    14 participants: Michael Curran, Quang Dao, Christopher Dowd, Nathan Kenshur, Feiyang Lin, Sean McNally, Christina Meng, Zachary Stier, Julian Wellman, Zixuan Xu, Calvin Yost-Wolff, Teresa Yu, Sylvester Zhang, Valerie Zhang.
    TAs: Sarah Brauner, Claire Frechette, Andy Hardt, Greg Michel, Jorin Schug, Katy Weber
    Group photo
    Lecture notes, resources, final presentations
  • Summer 2018 (co-mentored with C. Berkesch, B. Brubaker, S. Chepuri, G. Musiker*; Pylyavskyy took a break)
    15 participants: Yulia Alexandr, Brian Burks, Patty Commins, Alexandra Embry, Sylvia Frank, Jiyang Gao, Meghal Gupta, Yutong Li, Jared Marx-Kuo, Amal Mattoo, Vaughan McDonald, John O'Brien, Piriyakorn Piriyatamwong, Caledonia Wilson, Alexander Vetter
    TAs: Esther Banaian, Andy Hardt, Mike Loper, Eric Stucky, Katy Weber.
    Group photo
    Lecture notes, resources, final presentations
  • Summer 2017 (co-mentored with P. Pylyavsky*, S. Chepuri, E. delMas; Musiker and Stanton took a break)
    12 participants: Anna Brosowsky, Marisa Gaetz, Thomas Hameister, Will Hardt, Neeraja Kulkarni, Alex Mason, Sujit Rao, Connor Simpson, Shruthi Sridhar, Joe Suk, Ewin Tang, Anh Tran
    TAs: Craig Corsi, Galen Dorpalen-Barry, Elizabeth Kelley, Ben Strasser
    Group photo, other REU 2017 photos by Bonny Fleming
    Lecture notes, resources, final presentations
  • Summer 2016 (co-mentored with A. Garver, G. Musiker, R. Patrias, T. Scrimshaw; Pylyavskyy and Stanton took a break)
    15 participants: Benjamin Anzis, Ethan Alwaise, Shuli Chen, Alexander (Yoa) Clifton, Peter Dillery, Yibo Gao, Jesse Kim, Ben Krakoff, Zhaoqi Li, Rohil Prasad, Madeline Shinners, Thuy-Duong (June) Vuong, Lisa Yang, Grace Zhang, Albert Zheng.
    TAs: Sunita Chepuri, Craig Corsi, Elise delMas, Will Grodzicki, Ben Strasser
    Group photo, other REU 2016 photos by Bonny Fleming, and by Yibo Gao.
    Lecture notes, resources, final presentations
  • Summer 2015 (co-mentored with Pasha Pylyavskyy*, M. Chmutov, Z. Hamaker, J. Lewis, B. Pawlowski, D. Stanton; Musiker took a break)
    11 participants: Colin Aitken, Louis Gaudet, Ben Houston-Edwards, Pakawut (Pro) Jiradilok, Adam Keilthy, Joseph Lawson, James Stevens, Praveen Venkataramana, Lillian Webster, Yinuo Zhang, Shuqi Zhou
    TAs: Elise DelMas, Al Garver, Thomas McConville, Rebecca Patrias
    Lecture notes and resources

    Photos: Group photo, Bonny Fleming's other REU 2015 photos,
    Praveen V.'s photos at Minnehaha Falls (6/20/2015): Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4
  • Summer 2014 (co-mentored with Gregg Musiker*, Max Glick, Joel Lewis, and Jed Yang; Pylyavskyy and Stanton took a break)
    14 participants: Christian Gaetz, Jacob Haley, David Hemminger, Aaron Landesman, Michelle Mastrianni, Kyle Meyer, Hailee Peck, Colleen Robichaux, Mariya Sardarli, David Schwein, Ka Yu Tam, Max Wimberley, Zijian Yao, Heyi Zhu.
    TAs: Elise DelMas, Kevin Dilks, Emily Gunawan, Rebecca Patrias
    Group photo

  • Summer 2013 (mentored by Joel Lewis, Gregg Musiker, Pasha Pylyavskyy*, and Dennis Stanton; Reiner took a break)
    13 participants: Josh Alman, Cesar Cuenca, Shannon Gallagher, Jiaoyang Huang, Megan Leoni, Carl Lian, Seth Neel, Andrew Senger, Abby Stevens, Brandon Tran, Paxton Turner, Peter Wear, Tianqi Wu.
    TAs: Alex Csar, Alex Garver, Emily Gunawan, Thomas McConville
    Group photo

  • Summer 2012 (co-mentored with Gregg Musiker, Pasha Pylyavskyy, and Dennis Stanton)
    12 participants: Rediet Abebe, Rohit Agrawal, Matthew Bates, Eric Chen, Xin Chen, Horia Mania, Joshua Pfeffer, Harry Richman, Vladimir Sotirov, Dennis Tseng, Jane Wang, Scott Zhang

    TAs: Alex Garver, Thomas McConville, Alex Miller
    Group photo
  • Summer 2011 (co-mentored with Gregg Musiker and Pasha Pylyavskyy; Stanton took a break)
    11 participants: Rohit Agrawal, Francisc Bozgan, Jehanne Dousse, Daniel Hess, Benjy Hirsch, In-Jee Jeong, Shiyu Li, David B Rush, Danny Shi, Vladimir Sotirov, Fan Wei
    Group photo
  • Summer 2010 (co-mentored with Dennis Stanton): CSP, up-maps, plane partitions, and binary trees
    6 participants: Charles Chen, Alan Guo, Xin Jin, Gaku Liu, Rik Sengupta, and Warut Suksompong
    TAs: Alex Csar, Jia Huang, Alex Miller, Nathan Williams
    Group photo

  • Summer 2009

  • Summer 2008 (co-mentored with Dennis Stanton): q-series, invariant theory, and critical groups
    5 participants: Kevin Carde, Joe Loubert, Andy Manion, Aaron Potechin, and Adrian Sanborn

  • Summer 2007 (co-mentored with Dennis Stanton): Sieving phenomena, alternating sign matrices, and holes in semigroups
    6 participants: Alex Cloninger, Fraser Chiu, Evgeny Demkhin, Gabriel Kreindler, Yuncheng Lin, Noah Stephens-Davidowitz

  • Summer 2006 (co-mentored with Dennis Stanton): One-crossing partitions and differential posets
    5 participants: Mike Bergerson, Alex Miller, Andrew Pliml, Paul Shearer, Nick Switala

  • Summer 2005 (co-mentored with Dennis Stanton): Partitions, plane partitions, and sieving phenomena
    5 participants: Omar Abuzzahab, Matt Korson, Martin Man-chun Li, Seth Meyer, Alex Miller

  • Summer 2004

  • Summer 2003: Critical groups and parking functions
    4 participants: Adil Ali, Ramon Calderer, Andy Berget, Jesse Plautz

  • Summer 2002: Trees, determinants and Pfaffians
    4 participants: Scott Hirschman, Brian Jacobson, Minseung Kim, Andy Niedermaier

  • Summer 2001: Tree groups of shifted graphs
    2 participants: Hyung Kim, Hans Christianson

  • Summer 2000- 2 projects:

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