Richard McGehee
The Mathematics of Climate Change Seminar
University of Minnesota
School of Mathematics


Spring 2009 Schedule


February 3, 2009
       A report on a paper by Kerry Emanuel, "A simple model of multiple climate regimes," Samantha Oestreicher
       Reference: Kerry Emanuel, A simple model of multiple climate regimes, Journal of Geophysical Research 107, No. D9, 4077, doi:10.1029/2001JD001002, 2002.
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February 10, 2009
       Land Use and our Changing Planet: It's Not Just Climate Change, Folks, Jon Foley, Institute on the Environment
February 24, 2009
       Some New Results on Budyko's Ice Cover Model, Esther Widiasih
March 24, 2009
       Milankovitch Cycles, Richard McGehee
       Some Thoughts on Milankovitch Cycles
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March 31, 2009
       More on Milankovitch Cycles, Richard McGehee
       More Thoughts on Milankovitch Cycles
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April 8, 2009
       On the theory and applications of the longtime dynamics of 3-dimensional fluid flows on thin domains, as motivated by the Climate, George Sell
April 21, 2009
       How The Ice Line Moves: Revisiting Budyko's Energy Balance Model, Esther Widiasih
May 7, 2009
       Open Discussion
       What have we learned, and where do we go next?

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