Math 1371, IT Calculus, Lecture 040, Fall 2003

Fraser Hall 101, 2:30-3:20 pm Monday, Wednesday

FINAL EXAM:  1:30 - 4:30 pm Monday, December 15
Section 041: BlegH 105,  Section 042: BlegH 220, Section 043: BlegH 230, Section 044: BlegH 240, Section 045: BlegH 255
"All students must have their official University I.D. Card with them at the time of the final exam and must show it to one of the proctors when
  handing in their exam. The proctor will NOT accept a final exam from a student without an I.D. Card."

Contact Information for the Instructor:

Instructor: Willard Miller
Office: Vincent Hall 513
Office Hours: 1:25-2:15 MW, 11:15-12:05 F,  or  by appointment
Phone: 612-624-7379,

 Discussion Sections:

                 -041  08:00am-08:50am T, 08:00am-09:55am Th, VinH 209,  SADLOWSKY, Roger    (Office: VH 509)

                 -042  10:10am-11:00am T, 10:10am-12:05pm Th, VinH 207,  SADLOWSKY, Roger    (Office: VH 509)

                 -043  12:20pm-01:10pm T,  12:20pm-02:15pm Th, RapsonH 31, WANG, Haiying    (Office: VH 322)

                 -044  02:30pm-03:20pm T,  02:30pm-04:25pm Th,  VinH 311, WANG, Haiying    (Office: VH 322)

                 -045  01:25pm-02:15pm T, 01:25pm-03:20pm Th, AmundH 156,  TAIPALE, Kaisa     (Office: VH 555)

Brief Course Description

Information about Course Management

Homework Assignments     Note: The list of homework for the week of Sept 15-19 should also include  the problems   Sec 3.3: 3, 10, 16, 18.

Rules for Limits and Derivatives

Extended Mean Value Theorem and L'Hospital's Rule

Newton's Method and the Mean Value Theorem